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boat Zvijezdica

Boat Zvijezdica is an 18 m long wooden boat which is originally made for the fishing. Zvijezdica is renovated and has a bigger upper deck, tables, and benches and it’s a perfect boat for the excursions for up to 85 passengers. This is a favorite boat for the owners and the crew so the name Zvijezdica which in Croatian means Litlle Star was a perfect match. In the season Zvijezdica is ferry boat between Šibenik and Obonjan island and here are the prices for the Ferry and timetable of the drives:

Price and Timetable

Round trip ticket 200,00 KN

Šibenik-Obonjan Obonjan-Šibenik

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Designed for up to 12 passengers, our RIBs is fast, safe, stable and spacious with a surprisingly comfortable ride provided by the large air-filled sponsons. Our skippers are experienced drivers with the big passion for the sea and ships.

We have in offer two RIB boats:

Valiant 750

Valiant 750 _ 7,5 m long with new air-filled sponsons and new Honda 250 kW engine.<br /> This vessel is specifically designed for Ocean Rafting, Sightseeing, Dolphin Watching, Diving, Snorkeling, Exploring and Ecological Tours.

Ris marine 850

Ris marine 850_9,2 m long with new twin Honda 225 kW engines. This vessel is specifically designed for the sea police and sea security so it's also perfect for a longer rides.

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